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Hydroponics Grow Tower

New & affordable 

OZONE GROW TOWERS   a new easy to use grow tower system. 


The Ozone grow towers will allow you to grow from seedlings and clone. The grow capsules  are clear with black lids  , the black lids have a hole in the center for different color neoprene inserts.  Plants with large diameter root mass can be inserted without the neoprene insert. The black flip top lid flips up for easy inspection of your plant roots.  The grow capsules are clear to allow you to open the lid and inspect Water flow inside the grow tube .Some types of media can be placed in the capsule for starting seeds. The grow tube can be closed at the top and open at the bottom trapping the humidity in. Sunlight and  artificial light heat up the inside of the grow tubes and  make a perfect grow environment..  Low low  cost shipping .  Plenty of grow space for root mass inside the grow tube. This makes the plants happy and makes it easier on you when your ready to clean out the grow tube and start a new crop. Ozone Grow Tube are  suspended and secured to the irrigation tube with the simple zip tie.  This allows the grow tube to be rotated to place plants in the direction of sunlight or  artificial light. Rotating metal ring tie off for plant support

Hydroponics is a fast growing industry and more and more people are ready to give it a try, Why  ? because it works! so don't get left in the dirt start growing your fruits and vegetables in water with nutrients, Our new affordable grow tower system will bring your your iinitial  investment cost down. The system is designed to clone or grow your fruits  and vegetables full term.

Ozone Grow Towers are very light and are made out of a  special reflective  light weight film that's FDA approved.    There are 10 grow capsules in each 5 ft tube.  Individual capsules can be rotated to adjust water flow to the roots. 

There is no medium inside the grow tube just lots of room for the roots to expand and be happy.